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Upstream, a leader in mobile marketing has launched its 2022 paid internship program, named “Start at Upstream”. The company is looking for talented young DevOps engineers to join them for a period of 12 months.

The opportunity is open to engineers with a degree or due to complete their studies in computer science, programming or a similar field. Successful participants will have the opportunity to work with DevOps Engineers and learn from their mentorship. They will be offered a competitive salary and benefits during this period.

CVs are accepted from March 14 to April 8, 2022. More information is available at:

After the assessment and interview process, five DevOps engineers will be invited for a one-year internship starting in May. The internship will begin with a month-long, high-level training program covering all aspects of DevOps engineering, including automation, programming, management, monitoring of production systems and the CI/CD.

This training is offered free of charge as part of “Start at Upstream”. Participants would then move on to working on the actual products and services deployed by Upstream in some of the world’s largest mobile markets, including Brazil, Nigeria and South Africa.

Upstream CTO Natalia Mila commented : “There is a huge demand for tech talent, but at the same time promising students can struggle to get the right training and guidance when they leave college. “Start at Upstream” is a way for us to bridge this gap and invest in young graduates.

This is the third consecutive year that Upstream has offered the “Start at Upstream” program. In 2019, eleven software engineers participated and seven were hired by the company after completing their 12-month internship. Another ten software engineers have already completed their training under the 2020 program and are due to complete their internship in November 2022.

Timos Polemitea software engineer at Upstream who started as an intern in the 2019 program said: “The initial training at ‘Start at Upstream’ was like being back in college but on steroids. Never have I learned so much in such a short time. I don’t think there is a similar graduate program. People would pay dearly for this kind of training!

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