The Ultimate 4/20 Survival Guide: The 10 Essentials

As almost everyone knows by now, 4/20 marks the unofficial annual holiday celebrating everything cannabis, from culture and herbs to the victories that come with expanding legalization. Communities across the country are showing their love for cannabis with special 4/20 themed events. With medical and adult cannabis now legal in so many states, there are plenty of options to celebrate ongoing cannabis-related achievements, from mellow parties at home to loud outdoor concerts – it’s all in play on the 20th. /04.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, the team at Cannabis Now has done the heavy lifting for you and picked out some of our favorite tools to have a great time this 4/20. Wherever the day takes you, a hike, a trip to the park, a concert or a break at a friend’s house, we recommend putting these items in your bag.

The Slinger shoulder bag from Dime Bags is first on our must-have list. It’s a great hands-free option for women and men. It’s smaller and easier to access than a backpack, and it comes in a variety of colors and materials. Once you’ve chosen your bag for the day, our list below of 4/20 essentials will serve as your guide to help you with the fun part: deciding what to pack.

1. The Slinger

Available in seven different colors, this unisex crossbody/shoulder bag from Dime Bags ticks all the boxes. The Slinger is big enough to hold the essentials and then some for a full day of excursions, but it’s still sleek enough not to get in the way. The seven compartments of different sizes make it easy to organize all your 4/20 essentials for the day (see below), plus extra space for snacks, a light sweater, or anything else you might pick up. Finally, the Slinger is available in durable hemp or recycled polyester exteriors, and the interior pockets are smell proof so you can safely carry that extra potent weed you’ve been saving up to fire up the 4/20. $59.99

2. flower mill

flower mill grinder

This is the next generation of grinders. Instead of those traditional serrated teeth that can shred the best parts of your precious weed, the Flower Mill crumbles your flower where it naturally wants to break, preserving all the trichomes. In fact, it’s called “milling” rather than “grinding”. You can also stick a whole bud inside the flower grinder, no need to break it off first. The Flower Mill is truly an essential tool to prepare for a successful 4/20. $74.99

3. Boveda Terpene shields

Boveda Humidity Control Packs

Now that your cannabis is ground up and ready to go, you’ll want to keep it fresh all day (and night). Pack a few Boveda Humidity Control Packs with your weed to preserve terpenes and achieve the most potent and pure smoke possible. Packs come in a variety of different sizes depending on how much cannabis you are storing. Cannabis Now loves the Mini Toker Gift Set, which comes with a stainless steel cannabis container and a size 8 Boveda pack to store inside for long-lasting freshness. It’s the perfect complement to celebrate this 4/20. From $4.99

4. The HooHNu Chillum

HooHNu Chillum

Next is the HooHNu Chillum, the world’s first smell-proof pipe with caps on both ends, so you can pack it on one end and knock it on the other. Made from super thick borosilicate glass, this versatile pre-roll packaging is easy to take with you and discreetly enjoy in a crowd. Or, just keep your pre-rolls fresh until you’re ready to smoke with friends. $9.99

5. Blazy Susan Deluxe Rolling Kit

Blazy Susan Rolling Papers

Blazy Susan’s Deluxe Rollover Kit in bubblegum pink is an adorable and functional addition to your 4/20 survival kit. You can plan to answer the question: “Where did you get that?” all day. Not only are these rolling papers attractive, but they’re also ideal for “just because” days. The rolling papers package opens into a mini rolling tray perfect for carrying, and it also comes with a stack of filter tip papers. There’s even a little infographic that shows you how to make that perfectly rolled joint. $4.20 each

6. The Lunar Vaporizer Pen

Lunar Pen Dip Devices

Simply put, this is a wonderful ready-to-use concentrate vaporizer. The patented airflow feature provides circulation for better flavor and increased efficiency (in other words, you get the most out of your concentrate). While it may look suspiciously like a typical 510 thread vape pen, the Lunar functions more like a dabbing straw. To use, slide the mouthpiece to reveal the pen’s atomizer and load the dab directly into the heating chamber. The Lunar is a low-profile, easy-to-use addition for on-the-go dabbers this 4/20. $29.99

7. Flow water pipe

Behold, the world’s first portable plasma water pipe has arrived. If you’re hosting a party this 4/20, this plasma water pipe is sure to get your guests talking…or moving. When you touch the glass housing the plasma, the plasma itself moves with the vibration of your fingertips – a fascinating activity, especially while smoking. $260

8. piece of water

water feature, an essential 4/20

Piece Water Solution takes the hassle out of cleaning your water pipe, bong or bubbler, giving you more time to enjoy the 4/20. This all-natural bong water alternative is made with a unique blend of mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts, which work together to prevent resin formation while trapping smoke particles. In other words, you’ll get cleaner, smoother strokes. When you’re ready to change the water solution to your bong’s chunks, simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it’ll be clean, just like that. $14

9. Kosher lighter tool

Kosher tool for your weed

Upgrade your ordinary lighter with this stylish and functional multi-tool. Available in stainless steel or titanium, the Kasher slips over your lighter with a snug, streamlined fit – surprisingly, it’s not bulky at all. When you’re ready to use it, simply slide it down so the pointed tip is exposed. Out of the box, you can use it for a whole host of things: cigar punch, pipe cleaner, mini flat head screwdriver, can opener and more. This tool will almost certainly come in handy when it’s time to roll a joint, stir your weed before you smoke, and clean up that sunken bowl when you’re done. The small but mighty Kosher takes up virtually no space and is an easy way to enjoy a smooth, carefree smoking session on 4/20. (Bonus tip: Kosher also makes it easier to identify your lighter.) $9.99

ten. Nine Mile Botanicals Cigars

Throw these HHC hemp wrapped cigars sprinkled with CBG kief into your 4/20 pack. Available in Bubba Kush and Goliath varieties, these premium hemp cigars contain 50mg of HHC, as well as CBD and CBG, allowing you to get that euphoric, relaxed feeling that’s less intense than a traditional high in THC. $14.99

Feel like a pro 24/7

The 10 must-haves above will set you up for success on 4/20. We have a feeling these tools will become part of your daily arsenal, as most of them are undeniably essential for having the smoothest possible smoking experience, whether outdoors or at home. However you decide to celebrate, this list of tools will make you feel like a cannabis pro on 4/20 or any day of the year.

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