The 4 best tools for asynchronous communication

Your organization’s communication architecture influences its overall effectiveness. If you neglect it, you can end up with poor communication methods and tools that create bottlenecks in your workflows.

Excessive Zoom video calls, phone calls, and increasing expectations for instant responses can prevent you from getting the output quality you’re looking for. However, asynchronous communication tools may be just what you need to improve your workflow.

Let’s explore what asynchronous communication is and some of the best tools for you.

What is asynchronous communication?

Asynchronous communication occurs when two or more people do not need to be available simultaneously for a conversation to take place – it does not happen in real time. This allows you to communicate at your own pace without the pressure of instant responses, for example, via email.

With so many workplace disruptions leading to context switching and reduced productivity, asynchronous communication is an effective strategy, especially for hybrid and remote teams. It allows you to respond to messages at your own pace, enjoy laser focus on your work.

Asynchronous communication is beneficial for you and your remote team as it provides better work-life balance by allowing you to manage the always-on nature of remote tasks. Additionally, asynchronous messages tend to be more thoughtful and well-crafted, prioritizing quality over speed and spontaneous responses.


Therefore, asynchronous tools facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals or teams at their convenience. These software solutions allow you to set your availability and define your working hours, giving you more control over your communications and your time.

Although you can use most communication tools asynchronously, that is, without expecting immediate responses, some have features specifically designed for asynchronous communication. Here are our top picks:

1. Turn

You won’t be able to enter a state of flow and do your best when you’re constantly distracted by recurring notifications from your messaging apps and endless meetings. All of this not only drops your productivity, but also drives you down the highway to exhaustion unless you use Twist.

Twist is an innovative messaging tool that aims to disrupt the current status quo of real-time communication in the workplace. This asynchronous communication tool makes it possible to prioritize productivity over responsiveness and constant presence in communication applications.

Twist lets you have full control over your notifications; you get them when, how, where and for what specific messages you want. You can also use Twist to create your channels (groups) to have conversations organized by topics, projects or department.

With Twist, you won’t have to waste time sifting through random conversations to find relevant information because it organizes your inbox into topical, searchable conversations that let you catch up at your convenience. There is also a Saved tab which gives you quick access to the chats you have saved.

Plus, it integrates with other popular tools like Asana, GitLab, Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Now you can overcome constant communication and protect your most productive hours to focus on getting the job done using Twist.

To download: Twist for Android | iOS | Windows | macOS | Linux (free and premium version available)

2. Yac

Screenshot of Yac's My Team page

One of the benefits of working remotely is that you only have to travel from your bedroom to your home office, which saves you time. But it looks like you’ve been spending all that time on endless Zoom meetings rather than working. At the end of these consecutive meetings, you feel exhausted, unable to concentrate on anything else. You can write a different ending with Yac.

Yac is an audio communication platform that allows you to collaborate more effectively on projects, share knowledge and create new opportunities for productive discussions, without falling into the permanent trap.

Instead of having your daily scrums on Zoom, you can use Yac to record a quick voice message to sync your teams. Do you want to explain something too complicated to type? Clarify your point by recording your voice and your screen, and sending it directly to your colleagues. Want to quickly save an idea you don’t want to forget? Talking is faster than typing; send yourself a voice note and consult it when needed. This tool also lets you save to a shareable link that you can send to anyone via email or Slack.

Best of all, Yac is time zone independent; send your voicemails when you want and let your team respond when they can. With Yac, you can personalize your message with your voice, spend less time typing messages and attending meetings, and more time working.

To download: Yac for Android | iOS | Windows | macOS (free and premium version available)

3. Tip

Screenshot of Spike's desktop app showing the Add Account page

Email remains one of the most common means of communication in the workplace. Unfortunately, it has one considerable downside; you’re inundated with messages, and it takes forever to find what’s relevant and important among all that spam. Plus, with more feature-rich communication tools, you might not find it as compelling to use this old medium.

Well, that’s until you try Spike, a collaborative messaging platform that can completely overhaul your old messaging workflow and boost your productivity.

Spike lets you sync all your email accounts in one place, presents you with easier threads, and organizes your inbox. That’s not all; it also has several features that make asynchronous communication much more efficient.

For example, you can schedule emails to be sent at a desired time, use its online notes to document updates, provide feedback, and more, allowing you to skip another Zoom meeting. You can also take advantage of its to-do lists to assign tasks and track progress.

To download: Spike for Android | iOS | Windows | macOS (free and premium version available)

4. Tetra

Screenshot of Tettra showing admin settings

If you use various communication and collaboration tools, all of your information can be scattered across different channels. To overcome this problem, you need a tool that can centralize them all in one place.

Tettra is one such tool. It allows you to create your company’s internal knowledge base where you can store all of your communications, workflows, and organizational policies in an easy-to-access and edit format. You can also use it to host a company’s internal blog and share valuable posts with your team.

Plus, it allows integration with other popular tools you might be using like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Docs.

Join the asynchronous communication revolution for better productivity

If the goal of workplace communication is to help you be more productive, then it makes sense to reach a point where you’re doing less and more work. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate synchronous communication. It still has its place; the goal is to find a healthy balance.

The asynchronous tools mentioned above can help you improve collaboration by providing team members with a wide range of features. Add asynchronous tools to your repertoire to increase the overall productivity of your remote workplace.

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