‘Takfir, Division’ Main tools of the enemy against the Muslim world: Raeisi

TEHRAN (IQNA) — Iranian President Ebrhami Raeisi has named takfir and division as the two main tools enemies use against the Muslim world.

Addressing a crowd of Sunni and Shia scholars in Iran’s western province of Kordestan on Friday, Raeisi added: “Today, scholars and clerics, as heirs of the prophets , are the main guards of society against the theoretical attacks of enemies. ”

“The people of this province have shone brightly in maintaining territorial and ideological boundaries, and today the government has a duty to give proper attention to this province.”

In another part of his speech, the president described “takfir and division” as two tools of the enemy for sedition in the world of Islam and said: “Kurdistan has passed these tests with pride, and every part of this province bears witness to the extent to which the men and women of this country have resisted hand in hand against the assaults of counter-revolutionaries and enemies.

“The takfiri currents seek to abuse the enormous capacity of our country’s young workforce, especially in the border areas, and on the other hand, scholars and clerics have a duty to protect the thoughts of young people and the people”.

Referring to the leader’s Hajj message, the president noted, “This message is a message of unity, spirituality and attention to the great capabilities of the Islamic world and the need to be vigilant against the plots of hegemons.” .

He further expressed his satisfaction with the unity and cohesion in Kordestan province and said, “Everyone’s security and determination for progress in the province is very valuable, and the government will try to increase all the capabilities of Kordestan for progress on this basis”.

Source: President.ir

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