Saints Row (2022) guide: How to play co-op

Saints Row (2022) brings many new additions to Volition’s iconic GTA-inspired open-world series. These include a new Takeown mechanic, a Flow system, and more. Still, it’s a very familiar experience, thanks to a few tried-and-true additions, one of which is full campaign co-op.

Volition’s latest project is all about having fun in its vast open world of Santo lleso, after all. As such, two players can team up to try and take over the city or drive around taking in the scenery. But how does co-op work in Saints Row (2022)?

Saints Row Co-Op (2022) Delivers Twice the Action and Mayhem

The first thing to note is that co-op is not accessible from the start in Saints Row (2022). Since the first two main missions are meant to be a tutorial, players will only be able to use drop-in/drop-out co-op after completing the second mission, Making Rent. This is when the open world will become accessible to players.

Afterwards, players can pause the game and select the Co-op option to invite their friends. Here there are three options:

  • Join a friend: This brings up a list of players from the user’s friends list for them to join. This will inform the host that a friend wants to join the session, then the user will be allowed to connect once the request is accepted.
  • Invite a friend: This brings up a list of players from the user’s friends list so the host can invite them. This sends a session invite to the other player, and once they accept, the host will be notified that a friend is joining their game. Accept to allow access to the second player.
  • Cooperative Parameters: This allows players to fine-tune their co-op experience. The options here allow:
  1. Changing session privacy (Open to all, Friends only and Guests only): Here, “Open to All” allows both friends and randoms to join without requiring an invite. The other two disable Matchmaking (so random players can’t join) and only allow friends or those who have received an invite to join the session.
  2. Friendly fire (disabled, partial, full): This determines the effect at which the host can be damaged by the co-op partner and the host’s other NPC team. “Disabled” ensures that the host is not damaged by co-op partner or crew attacks. “Partial” deals reduced damage to both parties, while “Full” allows the host to take full damage from both sources as if they were enemies.
  3. HQ Customization (On, Off): Setting it to Enabled will allow the co-op partner to participate in customizing the Saints HQ.
  4. Co-op prank (on, off): Allows each player to prank the other partner in the game.

Will there be cooperation? Sure ! Saints Row is always better with a friend! We’ve confirmed fully self-contained co-op across the entire game. Best of all, it works across multiple generations of hardware – so players on PS4 can still play co-op with those on PS5 for example.

But let’s back up a bit and talk about starting a co-op campaign. To do this, players must select Cooperative Campaign from the main menu of Saints Row (2022).

This brings up four options:

  • Host the game: Allows the user to create a host game using one of their existing save files. Then players can boot into their save file and wait for other players (either random or friends, depending on the session’s privacy setting) to join them.
  • Join a friend: This brings up a list of players from the user’s friends list (depending on their platform). Select a friend who hosts a game to join.
  • Host a new game: As the name suggests, it starts a new co-op session from the beginning. It’s for players who want to experience together every moment Saints Row has to offer right from the start.
  • Linking : Intended for those who wish to play with randoms.

Saints Row (2022) is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Epic Games Store).

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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