Meals of the hotel industry: inclusion figure-t-elle au menu?

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The inclusion of people with disabilities in the hotel and catering trades? You do not think about it, way too complicated! So, under the impetus of the employers’ organizations of the professional branch HCR (Hotels, cafes, restaurants), agreements with the Agefiph (Fund for the integration of disabled people in the private sector) were signed to try to mobilize this environment professional still too little inclusive.

A series of actions

The branch is thus piloting a series of support and counseling actions for its members in order to promote the employment of people with disabilities. For example, it produces communication tools and may be required to perform sourcing for recruiting candidates on qualified positions: kitchen, room, accommodation. The creation of joint committees has also been negotiated to promote the recruitment and retention of this public. In addition, the Social Committee examines the requests for one-off assistance relating to health and welfare, defines and proposes the objectives to be achieved and actions intended to help and anticipate the needs of employees, such as helping caregivers or setting up place of a disability pension.

A sector difficult to reach

As Rachel Bouvard, disability mission manager at the Gni (National Group of Independents) explains: ” We often see that there are brakes to be raised on both sides. On the one hand, at the level of our establishments which imagine that a person with a disability will not be able to integrate our trades and, on the other hand, among young people and adults who think that their disability is incompatible with the professions of the profession. restoration “. To break down these barriers, the two unions, Gni and Umih (Union of Trades and Industries of the hotel industry), therefore offer dedicated support, in accordance with the law, as Roland Hehuy, president of Umih, points out: ” We started from the 2005 law that makes it mandatory in our companies with 20 or more employees to have a minimum of 6% of employees with disabilities. We spent time convincing and lifting all the brakes and all the reluctance. Outside of regulation, we must reach out to all businesses to become inclusive. “.

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The sector seems to show the desire to open its doors wider. ” The inclusion of people with disabilities in our industry is a great opportunity to be open to diversity, ” says Rachel Bouvard. Staff who have already taken part in the initiative are also enthusiastic. This is the case of Gwendoline Bencherif, human resources assistant at the Peninsula Paris hotel: “I find that the approach is really positive and necessary because we think very quickly that disability is not compatible. These actions help companies get started and, if we can prove that it is possible, others will want to try the experiment .
The initiative was awarded with an Ocirp Handicap Award 2018, in the category “practices and initiatives of the professional branches “.