Law firm KPIs and reporting tools for law firms

Law Firm KPIs and Reporting Tools for Law Firms | Above the non-event law

Law Firm KPIs and Reporting Tools for Law Firms | Above the non-event law

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KPI of the law firm

Law firm KPIs and reporting tools

There are numbers that can tell you how your law firm is doing.

And, unlike your most enthusiastic associates, they will never water down the truth.

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to highlight these critical business metrics, known as law firm KPIs. (These are “key performance indicators” for our Luddits friends.)

The best KPI tracking software can be implemented seamlessly, updated automatically, and leveraged to boost your long-term results.

From revenue generation to client satisfaction, employee performance and client retention, these metrics are a necessity for law firm executives looking to make sound business decisions.

Check out our free buyer’s guide to see how your business can benefit.

ATL Non-Eventcast: Law Firm KPI

In this edition of the Non-Eventcast, the host Jared correia welcomes Gabriela Cubeiro from CasePeer and Evan Armstrong of Filevine to address the impact of KPIs (key performance indicators) on the practice of modern law.

Strong points

  • Data Analytics for Law Firms – 5:27
  • Focus on Customers – 8:24
  • Software Providers – 11:26
  • The Analytical Side of Software – 12:17
  • Reports to generate data – 16:53
  • KPI, what is it? – 22:10
  • Building a Better and Stronger Team – 24:09
  • The Future of Law Firms – 25:05
  • The best KPI process – 26:02

Law firm KPIs and reporting tools: products and services

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