High Tech on the Low Episode 45-SKG: SEE, KNOW, GUIDE

High Tech on the Low hosted by Jordan Kastrinsky, is on a mission to make high tech accessible to the world. In my podcast, I explore the many facets of the high tech world, from development to marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and more! As society increasingly turns to technological solutions to make processes more efficient and safer, it is important, now more than ever, that we bring together the collective resources of the high-tech sector under one roof to reap the benefits of this knowledge sharing. There are so many opportunities for growth within the industry that we need to provide the tools to make it happen.

Gal Rotman started his journey in the tech world by first gaining experience in various tech companies so he could understand the multifaceted nature of the industry. After all, how could he impact technology without seeing how it works from the inside? After completing his service in an elite IDF special forces unit, Gal entered the world of technology and spent several years oscillating between sales, finance, marketing and other positions. His goal was simple: expose himself to as many technologies as possible, gain knowledge, and then apply it as he embarks on his own path.

When he and his former Army teammates finally came together in 2018/2019 to form a company, they credited all the knowledge they had accumulated with preparing them for the challenges of their journey. Inevitably, like any true impact entrepreneur, they decided to tackle an issue that was close to their hearts and that they were particularly aware of since their time in the military. As fitness and wellness fanatics, they wanted to solve the existing problem of how people learn, interact, and receive feedback from online fitness and wellness classes. Mind you, they were trying to fix this even before COVID, which in itself was difficult given that the market had yet to swallow the virtual workout pill.

So, in a market that hadn’t yet fully understood how people could train or attend wellness classes online, Gal and his team were already moving forward, analyzing and predicting market trends, and were trying to help with progressive digitization. of workouts. Selling this idea to investors, however, was not an easy task. As many people thought the workouts could never be released online, the team struggled to win over potential supporters, but eventually found opportunities for success, raising millions of dollars from investors. notables such as Welltech Ventures.

Now, a few years later, Sency is growing rapidly in the fitness and wellness arenas with hundreds of thousands of people using its apps daily. Sure, COVID helped speed up the process, but nonetheless, the team’s mix of technology experience, market analysis, and passion for the problem they’re solving drove Sency’s solution forward. Gal says the time for Sency is fantastic because the market, human behavior and accessibility to technology allow them to realize the company’s vision: to lead every person to live a more active, healthy and happy life.

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