Hampshire hardware distributor Draper Tools joins award-winning business podcast – It Runs In The Family

A 103-year-old tools company, run by the same family for four generations, will share its behind-the-scenes story as the latest feature in an award-winning family business podcast.

Draper Tools, in Chandler’s Ford, joined the family business podcast It runs in the family. The Hampshire-based British tool distributor is run by the founder’s great-grandsons, Tom and Joe Draper.

In episode 40 of the podcast, the brothers reveal how they are set to continue the company’s century-old history alongside the company’s non-family chief executive, Graham Wade.

Podcast co-host Liz Willingham said, “Anyone who goes to their garage or toolbox is likely to find a reliable Drapers tool. Famous for their hammers, screwdrivers and socket sets, the Drapers name is one that carries some weight in the UK.

“The Drapers are a family of shrewd, savvy businessmen, so much so that Joe and Tom recognize the value they can add to the business and where they need support, leading them to appoint and working alongside a general manager.This episode is a brilliant walk through the history of the Drapers and their journey, as a family and as an organization.

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Listeners will learn about the history of the UK hardware business and what it was like to grow up around a big company. Additionally, the brothers will reveal how they trust non-family members to write their company’s legacy and how they maintain their brotherly bond as co-directors.

Commenting on how the brothers handed over control to a family friend, podcast co-host Leila Willingham added: “As an evolution of a century-old company, we think this organizational model looks great. . It should be easy to stick with the status quo and pass the business on from generation to generation. To challenge this is brave and daring. On a practical level, that might seem like an uncomfortable structure for some family businesses, but for Tom and Joe, it works, and this episode reveals how.

The podcast was launched in February 2021 by the founder and managing director of the public relations and communications agency Liz Lean PR, Liz Willingham, and her daughter Leila, who is responsible for commercial accounts and public relations at the agency. . The mother and daughter duo started the podcast when they started their own family business journey.

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It runs in the family is currently ranked number 39 in the UK Entrepreneurship Podcast Ranking as well as number 12 in the Best International Family Business Podcasts and number three in the UK. The podcast attracts listeners from 42 countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, and Australia.

Episodes are streamed on Amazon Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and online. Find out more at lizleanpr.co.uk/podcast-runs-in-the-family/.

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