Filecoin Green collaborates with DCENT to grant solar installation funds and implement tools for verification of clean energy use in blockchain at the Netherlands data center

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Filecoin Green, a Protocol Labs initiative to decarbonize the Filecoin network, today announced a milestone in its renewable energy partnership with DCENT Storage to enable granular reporting and verification of data consumption. clean energy from DCENT hardware. DCENT, the largest European storage entity on the Filecoin network, will install an array of solar panels at its data center in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands, to expand its clean energy capacity. The partnership will use Filecoin Green’s monitoring and reporting tools to verify solar production and hardware power consumption.

Installation of the rooftop solar panel began in March 2022 and has already seen the installation of 238 panels, each with a capacity to generate 385 watts. This project creates a direct supply of clean energy that will power data storage capabilities and allow the supplier to establish a verifiable link between RECs and their on-site energy sources. Unlike offsets, direct power generation increases the proximity of clean energy generation and consumption, thereby improving the adaptive capabilities of electricity.

This proximity improves transparency around DCENT’s sustainability claims and sets a precedent for verifiable sustainability reporting and clean energy consumption among storage providers. Using Filecoin Green’s suite of reporting and monitoring tools integrated with DCENT’s energy consumption and solar production, Filecoin storage users can see geographically where their data is stored and view metrics energy consumption.

“The open source nature of Blockchain allows us to provide tools for verifiable and transparent energy reporting and to encourage the development of greater clean energy capacity as we work to support the energy transition,” says Alan Ransil , leader of the Filecoin Green project. “Filecoin Green is committed to improving how we report and track sustainability metrics, and to fostering the creation of clean energy sources to power our operations.” In 2021, Filecoin Green has raised $38 million in capital to build a new solar generation in the United States, which will generate more clean electricity each year than the Filecoin network uses in the United States.

Filecoin Green is funding this project through its recently announced Regenerative Finance (ReFi) green grant program, which enables a series of experimental projects for proof of concept of clean energy capability and software development. For DCENT, access to clean power not only reduces network reliability, but allows the data center to continue to operate consistently during the current energy crisis in Europe. As the data center continues to improve access to granular, real-time energy consumption and production data, it strives to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of its clean energy.

“As a former Ethereum miner, I want to enable the use of utility blockchains for lasting impact, directing their energy consumption for good,” says DCENT Hardware Specialist Hidde Hoogland. “As a data center powered by 100% renewable energy, we aspire to enable other storage vendors to meet a new standard of localized and clean usage and reporting using Web3 . We have developed a guide to help other storage vendors improve their sustainability.”


Filecoin Green is an initiative by Protocol Labs to decarbonize the Filecoin network. The initiative is spearheading a future of clean, verifiable crypto-powered energy. By combining the granular tracking functionality of the blockchain with the information sharing infrastructure of Web3, Filecoin Green will incentivize its network to reduce emissions. Starting with decarbonizing the Filecoin network, the initiative then aims to create open-source tools that quantifiably measure and mitigate the emissions generated by crypto-related activities. Filecoin Green aspires to prove that clean blockchain is not an aspiration, but a reality. To learn more about Filecoin Green’s mission, visit


DCENT Hosting BC is one of the largest European storage entities on the Filecoin network, located near Amsterdam. They operate with a private IP backbone, 100 Gbit/s throughput and 100% renewable energy. DCENT places privacy at the heart of its vision and aspires to deliver 100 PB of mirrored storage by the end of 2022. To learn more about DCENT storage, visit

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