Classy launches new digital tools for nonprofit clients

  • Venmo integration: Launching today, nonprofits can now enable Venmo as a payment option in Classy Pay, Classy’s proprietary payment solution. Venmo is the latest payment option from Classy Pay, which also includes PayPal, credit card, ACH wire transfer, and digital wallets. Giving donors the payment options they prefer can help increase conversion by attracting new segments of donors. In the case of Venmo, Classy’s Why America Gives report revealed that Venmo is the preferred digital wallet of Millennials and Gen Z. Because Venmo is integrated directly into Classy Pay, the payment option not only automatically appears on an organization’s donation form non-profit, but all reconciliation reporting happens in-product to avoid the hassle of importing or exporting files.
  • Modal payment: The new addition of payment modal features makes it easy for nonprofits to remove friction in the donation process and boost conversion with a fully customized, 4-step modal donation form. Classy’s modal forms allow donors to donate without leaving an organization’s website. Forms also give nonprofits more control over their branding and provide tools like Classy source codes and Google Tag Manager to track donor behavior. This feature was rolled out to Classy customers in February 2022.
  • Campaign template: With the March 2022 launching campaign templates, nonprofits using Classy can save time and enable greater brand control when launching large-scale fundraising campaigns. Campaign templates help nonprofits scale their fundraising efforts while ensuring consistency across all events and chapters in the organization. Campaign templates give nonprofits the ability to customize campaigns, while localizing initiatives for specific chapters.
  • Google Analytics 4: Strong data collection and analysis can help nonprofits inform every step of their fundraising strategy. The new Classy integration will allow customers to connect their fundraising campaigns to Google Analytics 4 to make smarter decisions about how they attract and convert donors. Since users will not be able to import historical data from Google Analytics UA into Google Analytics 4, Classy initiates this sync in May 2022well before the July 1, 2023 removal of Google Analytics UA. This will give nonprofits time to start building an activity history in Google Analytics 4 before moving completely to this new platform next year.
  • Facebook API: Classy is developing a server-side event tracking solution for the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) that will allow partner agencies and Classy clients to retrieve valuable data to optimize their fundraising strategies. This helps nonprofits better target advertising and optimize the donor journey in the wake of last year’s iOS update, which made understanding donor engagement much more difficult.
  • Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): Classy is continuously investing in ways to make the platform more accessible to everyone and recently received a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), certifying that the platform’s donor and supporter pages are WCAG 2.1 compliant .
  • Improvements to live bidding and hybrid events: With Classy Live, Classy’s technology platform for virtual and hybrid events, nonprofits can not only host their one-day virtual and hybrid events, but also drive attendee engagement and encourage fundraising and donation activities. With recent updates, Classy Live users now have a more robust offering, such as on-site check-in, table and seat management, digital screens to view fundraising progress, a mobile bidding and bidding site, SMS donation features, and more. The class is new Fundraising Event Experience 2022 report highlights the continued relevance of in-person and virtual events. Notably, 91% of respondents said they are likely to take further action with a nonprofit after a positive fundraising experience, underscoring the significant impact additional tools can have to help organizations. nonprofit to improve the giving process.
  • Google Tag Manager: By integrating a Classy account with Google Tag Manager (GTM), nonprofit professionals can now track traffic and conversions on their campaign pages via marketing tags. This allows an organization to tailor all monitoring and management to their specific needs.

To learn more about Classy, ​​visit Nonprofits looking for a comprehensive overview of the latest Classy updates and features can request a demo here.

About Classy
Classy is a certified B Corp charity and donations platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters to the causes they care about. Situated at San Diego, California and trusted by thousands of nonprofits, from the fastest growing nonprofits to some of the world’s largest social organizations, Classy’s platform offers the formats and flexibility to enable donors when and how they need it by creating more relevant connections with their causes. Since 2011, Classy has been helping nonprofits mobilize and empower the world for good by helping them raise $4 billion on its platform. Classy also hosts the Collaborative Conference and the Classy Awards to highlight the innovative work that nonprofits are doing around the world. For more information, visit

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