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The goal of email marketing is to have a highly engaged list. This involves monitoring engagement levels and trying to re-engage segments of your audience that seem to be losing interest.

Ultimately, if you feel like there’s no connection with someone on your list despite your best efforts to re-engage them, you’ll want to delete them altogether.

Emails from large lists with low engagement are more likely to end up in spam folders. However, if you continue to remove disengaged people, your total number of followers will decrease.

Finding ways to add new subscribers will help you grow your list. There are many tools charities can use to help potential supporters and service users sign up for email.

Landing pages

Creating a landing page for your email list can really help encourage potential subscribers to take the plunge and sign up as they learn what they’re missing!

Leadpages lets you create landing pages using drag and drop. It uses smart design to help you optimize your page to increase your chances of converting visitors to your call to action – subscribing to your newsletter.

You can also add pop-ups and alert bars to certain areas of your website to capture the people most likely to sign up for your list.

Unbounce offers a similar service. It also has a “smartbuilder” that lets you optimize your landing page’s performance as you build it.

They complement their landing page building feature with “intelligent traffic”. Once you set up landing pages for each of your email newsletters, Smart Traffic will start directing people from your site to the most relevant landing page automatically.

They also recently added an AI copywriting extension and integrations with apps like Stripe for payment.

Smart form and pop-up tools

Using smart forms and pop-up tools can help you capture more email signups as your audience browses your site. Smart tools are triggered by user behavior – for example, when they move the cursor to the search bar to navigate or click on certain areas of the site.

Sumo includes different options for intuitive pop-up forms, embedded forms, share buttons and scroll boxes that react to the behaviors of your website visitors.

For example, the “welcome mat video” allows you to host a registration form overlaid on a video background that pops up from the top of the screen to fill the users screen.

Optinmonster includes even more options for pop-ups and also the ability to develop campaigns to target particular audiences based on how they find your site. Within campaigns, you can also A/B test different pop-ups to optimize the path to email list conversion.

Social media lead generation

You can also use social media platforms to generate email subscribers.

Twitter allows you to add a newsletter subscription by signing up on your profile through their partnership with Revue. You must use Revue as your email provider to activate this service.

Facebook lead generation ads can also be very effective at capturing email data. Particularly to target people who have interacted with you on Facebook, Instagram or your website.

Contests and quizzes as prospect magnets

Rather than offering a simple download or access to a video for your lead magnet, you can try developing a quiz or running a contest to attract signups.

Rafflecopter integrates with all major social platforms as per their contest terms and conditions. It offers templates that can be adapted to reflect your brand, and it manages the data entry and random winner selection process for you.

Woobox offers landing page functionality for giveaways, quizzes, and surveys that require capturing email data from each participant. It also has options to embed your campaign on a website, convert it to a Facebook app, or set up pop-ups to generate entries.

The online forms tool, Typeform, offers a quiz builder to help you create quizzes from templates that can be overlaid on your brand. Using a quiz as your lead magnet could help you learn more about your audience while they learn more about themselves!

QR codes for offline sites

If you’re on the go at an event or expo, you can use tools like SignUpAnywhere to generate a QR code linked to your email signup form. The tool includes a customizable signup form template and data is captured on a spreadsheet that can be downloaded with a click and uploaded to your CRM or email marketing provider.

Using some of these no-code, customizable, and template-based tools can help speed up tracking of people who need you or who might help you on your email list.

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