creates open source advertising tools to help support crisis journalism

A group of ad executives are promoting quality journalism by compiling open-source resources that will allow brands to continue funding news media in times of crisis. is a voluntary grouping of individuals motivated by the realization that the ebb and flow of marketing dollars is tied to crises such as the war in Ukraine and abortion rights issues in America, which force makes them stop or cut their spending every time they get their heads around it. As a result, the revenue stream to news publications dries up just as their readership grows.

To address this issue, the group has prepared a series of display banner ad templates that can house the brand assets of companies that want to advertise responsibly. An open-source list of 27 trusted news websites, approved by The Global Disinformation Index, has also been prepared so brands can advertise with confidence.

18 other Ukrainian titles in urgent need of financial support to continue their work are also supported, collectively reaching an audience of more than 3 billion visitors per month.

Ruben Schreurs, the initiator of, said, “Our shared belief is that free, truthful, high-quality journalism is an essential foundation of a sustainable global society. We’ve delivered something that we believe can help support quality journalism now and in the future, and we hope to see brands allocating some of their advertising budgets to this cause.

Currently available in English and Ukrainian, the collective promise is to release more models in other languages ​​as needed.

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