Black on the Prairies: Teacher’s Guide Now Available

If you’re a teacher or educator looking for educational content for Black History Month, CBC’s education portal has released a new teacher’s guide to Blacks on the Prairies.

Black on the Prairies began as a cross-platform project led by CBC senior reporter Omayra Issa and CBC radio host Ify Chiwetelu. Through audio, video and online formats, Black on the Prairies explores the history and present-day lives of black people on the prairies through their triumphs and challenges, and places their contributions at the very heart of the prairie narrative within the framework of Canadian history.

Earlycomers sought out opportunity and built communities while struggling against racism and discrimination, which endures to this day. Today, black people continue to help shape Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, from the largest cities to the smallest rural towns.

Stories of Black life on the prairies are an integral part of Canadian history. This project celebrates the legacy of over 200 years of recorded Black presence on the Prairies and looks to the future of the fastest growing Black population in the country.

“Adding a teacher’s guide means students can learn about these important elements of Canadian history and what it means for Canada’s future,” said Omayra Issa.

Teachers and educators are encouraged to integrate the teacher’s guide into the school curriculum and learn more about the history and lived experiences of Black people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The guide, accompanied by Black on the Prairies Interactive Website, will help students explore the Black on the Prairies Project, a collection of articles, personal essays, images and more, exploring the past, present and future of Black life on the Prairies.

For the month of February, the teacher’s guide is available free of charge. After February, access content with your Curio subscription or learn how to purchase a subscription to curio-hosted learning resources, content, and study guides.

For more stories about the experiences of Black Canadians – from anti-Black racism to stories of success within the Black community – check out Being Black in Canada. Read more stories here.

Being Back in Canada shines a light on stories about Black Canadians. (Radio Canada)

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