Adobe announces creative AR/VR tools to build the Metaverse

Creative software developer Adobe Inc. said today that it wants to provide the tools creators need to create new, immersive 3D worlds in the Metaverse.

The company believes the Metaverse is a space that will increasingly blur the distinction between the digital and physical worlds, and it wants designers to use its tools to build it.

To that end, Adobe announced a slew of new metaverse building features and tools at its Adobe Summit 2022 event that kicked off today. The event itself is completely virtual, powered entirely by Adobe Experience Cloud.

At the event, Adobe explained that it views metaverses as virtual worlds that will emerge as the next wave of digital interaction. Metaverses, he said, will provide rich, persistent, shared and interactive experiences where people can meet, socialize and work, and they will have fully functioning economies that will enable shopping, gaming, education, professional training, remote meetings, cultural experiences and more. .

“Increasingly, we’re using the digital world to do things that we once only did in the physical world,” said Shantanu Narayen, chief executive officer of Adobe. “The ongoing conversation about the metaverse reflects that the distinction between what people do in the physical and virtual world is blurring.”

Adobe said its Adobe Experience Cloud already provides creators with many of the tools needed to create these immersive experiences, though it promised its role in the space would expand in the future. One of its most useful tools includes Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, designed to facilitate the creation of 3D environments such as games and augmented reality worlds, now available in beta.

Adobe said Substance 3D Modeler makes it easy to sculpt 3D objects through an interface that combines natural, fluid gestures in virtual reality with the precision of a desktop interface. It supports the Universal Scene Description 3D art standard which was originally developed by Pixar Animation Studios, one of the leading 3D/immersive file formats for creation, as well as the graphics language transmission format for scenes and graphics. three-dimensional models. Adobe explained that video games such as “Fortnite”, “Halo”, “Final Fantasy” and “Flight Simulator” were all made with Substance 3D.

Adobe also highlighted how its Adobe Aero tool for creating augmented reality worlds has been used by companies such as Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution to create compelling AR experiences.

The company said it plans to more tightly integrate its Adobe Experience Cloud 3D and immersive creative tools, starting with Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. It has already announced tighter integration of its content, effects and 3D capabilities into its Creative Cloud portfolio.

“As the web evolves, the demand for immersive, data-driven experiences that include e-commerce, multi-user capabilities, and the ability to own and export personalized versions of your identity and possessions in virtual worlds, will be stronger than ever,” said Anil Chakravarthy, commercial president of Adobe Digital Experience. “Adobe Experience Cloud will be an integral part of brands’ efforts to create personalized and immersive experiences like these.”

Adobe’s big metaverse push was announced alongside a host of other features for Experience Cloud. One of the main additions is a set of new AI features powered by Adobe Sensei. They include sales opportunity forecasting in Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, AI-powered product recommendations and live search results in Adobe Commerce, and intelligent budget forecasting and allocation in the Adobe’s Attribution AI platform.

The company also found time to announce the general availability of Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare, a vertical offering that will help healthcare providers, pharmacies and life sciences companies unlock robust insights into the health and behavior. Adobe said this offering will allow healthcare providers to securely deliver more professional “consumer experiences” while empowering consumers to actively participate in their healthcare.

Picture: Adobe

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