5 reliable web hosting services for small businesses


Every business needs a website to be successful and have maximum reach. It allows you to connect with users using various marketing tools and build a strong online presence.

One of the key parts of building a website is having a reliable and excellent web hosting provider. Each hosting service offers several features that ensure that your website is up and running all day.

As a small business owner, any sort of downtime, security issues, or low page speed can affect your business performance and even cost you money. A web hosting provider allows you to store all of your data such as images, content, documents, themes, audio, videos and more that make up your website.

Many of us don’t know how essential a good web hosting service can be. Put simply, it can make or break your business in this competitive digital world. Hosting Foundry has compared and reviewed some of the best hosting services for any business, so give your site the host it deserves.

For this reason, today we are going to explore the 5 best web hosting services so that you can find the right web host that is perfect for your small business.


Blue is considered one of the best hosting services out there for small businesses. Besides the variety of features provided by the host, they are quite reasonable and affordable. They offer a variety of hosting plans like VPS, Shared, Dedicated, Reseller. WooCommerce and even WordPress which is one of their most recommended plans. Since most small businesses need a simple and efficient website.

Bluehost offers great uptime, customer support, security, and even gets a free domain upon signing up, which adds value to your money invested. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service in which you will get a full refund.

Price: $ 2.95 – $ 209.99 / month depending on your hosting plan

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HostGator is another great option for small business owners because it offers several hosting options. It is a beginner friendly host that offers various cheap and affordable features. As a beginner, this is a great way to start your small business website as it offers several website builder tools to build your website. They also have several guides and tutorials that can help you get your site up and running, if all else fails their 24/7 customer support will help you with any difficulty getting your website up and running.

HostGator’s shared plans are the most attractive hosting option for start-ups because they are quite affordable and flexible. Newborn plan, baby plan, and trading plan are designed as basic plans for beginners with all the necessary features. Once your business is stable and cohesive, you can easily scale your business to another powerful hosting plan on HostGator.

Price: $ 2.75 – $ 249.98 / month depending on your hosting plan


Hosting offers some of the lowest web hosting plans out there, but is packed with features for your website. And the best part about Hostinger is that it doesn’t look like cheap hosting. This hosting offers 99.9% uptime, customer support, website speed, and a great user interface to manage your site. Like all other hosting services, the premium plans have a variety of features while the basic plans should be enough for small businesses.

Their hosting is optimized for WordPress, SEO, security, SSL certificate, and other features that will help you build a successful website. Their control panel is easy to use and absolutely user-friendly when launching your site. Along with the many hosting plans, they also come with email hosting and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Price: $ 0.99 – $ 109.99 / month depending on your hosting plan


InMotion is another great option compared to the hosting services mentioned above. InMotion offers shared, cloud, reseller, VPS, dedicated and WordPress hosting. Whether you want to own an eCommerce store or a basic business promotion website, their security, storage, and speed features make them a great option for beginners.

Although InMotion offers a number of hosting plans, ecommerce hosting can be considered one of their strengths as they are optimized with one-click installers, cutting edge technology, and bandwidth. unlimited, which is great for small businesses. They are truly reliable, fast, and well-built servers that focus on making your website run smoothly day in and day out.

Among the many hosting providers, InMotions remains a strong contender for small businesses.

Price: $ 2.49 – $ 739.99 / month depending on your hosting plan

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GreenGeeks is known as an eco-friendly host that feeds three times the amount of electricity it consumes back into the grid in the form of renewable energy. Apart from its main goal of being eco-friendly hosting, they don’t hold back the hosting features. In fact, they are quite generous in offering surprising features like free SSL, unlimited email accounts, free website transfer, daily backups, and more.

They also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, which may be of interest to many small business owners. If you have any difficulties, you can easily contact their support via live chat, email or phone. Their shared plans are one of the most important hosting plans, but when it comes to scalability, they lack a dedicated hosting plan.

Price: $ 2.49 – $ 109.95 / month depending on your hosting plan

Final result

Technology is constantly evolving, which has allowed us to be more productive. Whether it is to improve a business or the workplace, it has affected every aspect of life. By using any of the aforementioned web hosting services for your small business website, you will be able to lay a solid foundation for establishing a strong online presence.

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