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Instagram can be the bulk of your audiovisual marketing. Over the years, your account will grow in followers, content, and photos. However, there may be times when the content and images in your account do not reflect the current outlook of your brand. This can send incorrect and outdated information to potential customers.

If you have an account that needs visitors to scroll through a lot of content before they get to the right one, you’ll need to do some cleanup. Of course, one of the steps is to unfollow everyone on instagram and start over by following accounts relevant to your brand.

The other step is to sort out the noise and clean up what doesn’t belong and what’s outdated. If your account has been active for several years, this method can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, this guide will help you simplify the cleaning process and give your Instagram account a refreshing look.

1. Unfollow accounts using the “Least Interacted With” feature

You may have followed as many accounts as possible during your startup days to give your brand a wider audience. Over time, however, your association with these accounts may have diminished due to different purposes and objectives. Instagram may block you if you unfollow some of these accounts individually. But the “less interacted with” feature allows you to unfollow accounts that may not be relevant to your brand.

To access this feature, tap your profile icon and then navigate to “following”, which shows you the list of accounts you follow. You will see ‘least interacted with’ and ‘most viewed feed’ on this page. If you haven’t interacted with an account for at least a month, it will appear in the first category. Accounts that populate your feed will appear in the second category.

This feature helps you reduce noise on your account and can be essential in increasing your interaction with relevant accounts and followers. You can even use Instagram Automation tools to manage user interactions, such as comments and likes.

2. Refresh your bio and account information

This is the key to making your brand look attractive during the account cleanup process. Check if your profile picture correctly represents your brand. If not, it’s time to change it. Also, see if the name still identifies with the current market or if there is something you need to adjust. As the edit profile settings allow you to edit only the name and not the username, you can use this feature to rename if needed.

Also, go through your bio and make sure it aligns with your brand’s goals and objectives. Since the profile page is what your subscribers or visitors see first, treat it as if it were the landing page of a website. Your profile page should market your brand without being too intrusive.

Account information should also include a contact number, email address, and website link. If you don’t have a website, you can insert a link to the store page where your subscribers can check out your products or services.

3. Clean up your Instagram search history

When using Instagram, you can visit various account profiles to see if they are worth following. Alternatively, you can view streams and stories once, but may not want to explore them further. Even if it’s a one-time visit or view, Instagram will still show you related content. This is because most social media sites use an algorithm that keeps tabs on your page visits.

Basing your future suggestions on your history can be helpful, as it helps you gain new subscribers or expand your target audience. However, sometimes it will only be one visit. So any future suggestions may not be relevant and fill up your explore page.

To remove any suggestions on the explore page, click on it and tap on the three ellipses in the top right. You’ll see the ellipses in the bottom right if it’s an Instagram Reel. After clicking on the suggestions on the explore page and the ellipses, you will find a list of options. Select “Not Interested” and you’ll now see fewer similar posts.

4. Delete or archive old content, posts and photos

Visitors use your strengths to gain insight into your content and its relevance. Therefore, it is essential to keep your recorded stories and highlights more up-to-date. Take the time to analyze the messages, content and photos you have if they are urgent. If a post was directed to a sale or special event, it may have lost relevance due to the passage of time. You can decide to delete or archive. It is important to note that the deletion is permanent and a backup is missing. So, evaluate carefully before proceeding.

You may have old photos and content that isn’t urgent, but doesn’t represent your brand’s current goals. You can archive them to make your account more refreshing. In fact, archiving allows Instagram’s algorithm to show you relevant feeds for your account growth.

Deletion and archiving also apply to hashtags and captions you ran a while ago. Most captions and hashtags can be time sensitive, so you can archive older ones. In most cases, they are only relevant and effective for a shorter period.


Maintaining a clean Instagram account allows you to maximize your time on social media. You can reach the right audience for your brand and get relevant feeds. These tips will ease the process of cleaning up your Instagram account and help you maintain an up-to-date page.

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